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Nutrition and diet are surely one of the most contradictory subjects in our lives today. Conflicting messages from the media, manufacturers, lobby groups and other 'experts' abound. The only thing they agree on... is that they disagree!

Sheena is the co-author, with Peter Barnes, of The Weekday Diet (Penguin). In this book Sheena explains how important it is to develop strategies for eating that are sustainable and not to adopt 'crash-diet' approaches to eating that lead inevitably to re-bound weight gain when the diet is over.

Sheena has many other strategies for losing weight, she will guide you through a program that best suits your needs, your health and even the time of year. And of course, nutrition isn't just about losing weight.

Food is eaten not just for its taste. It fuels our body, it provides nutrients for every single cell to make them work to their optimum level – or it doesn’t.

Your diet can be tailored just for you to help remove whatever it is that’s causing you problems, it may be that you need to eat more berries for gout, or celery for arthritis, you may need to give up mushrooms for Candida, apples and pears for IBS, or ice cream and chips for weight loss, too much sugar for adult onset diabetes. Food not only effects your waist line but also your moods, energy, pain levels, skin condition and allergies. The simple power of food is fascinating.

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