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chrysalis healthcare


My goal for you is to help you transform. For you to see the light come on in your eyes, be full of life like a toddler at play, and for you to feel yourself sparkle and glow. If you’re not feeling like this already, our work together will change that.


During your visit you are given the time to talk about yourself. Patients often express just how decedent it is to be with someone who really listens (rather than being with one who is simply waiting to tell their story). An initial consultation goes typically for one and a half hours – and don’t worry the time flies when you are talking about yourself. 

We discuss your reason for coming, the medication you are taking, family history and your daily diet. Then we discuss each body system (lungs, digestive, skin) because that provides clues as to the cause of your condition.

Treatment may consist of taking Herbal Medicine, Bach Flower remedies, vitamins and minerals, exercise recommendations, relaxation, yoga, lifestyle changes. Improving your health almost always  involves dietary changes, whether you are trying to lose weight or dealing with a specific health condition. 

Sometimes it’s often as simple as changing the foods you eat. It’s astounding how food can affect your health and your moods and how the right foods can be absolutely delicious. We’ll focus less on what you can’t eat and much more on what you can enjoy. Eating well isn’t about deprivation; it’s about balance and enjoyment.

Dietary changes come with a list of suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner for your condition and some recipes to help you manage the changes suggested.


Like a butterfly waiting to emerge from its chrysalis, come and see how easy it is to transform your health and be the best version of you.

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