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What my clients are saying...


'Our new motto is “In Sheena We Trust” – we love what Sheena is doing for us! She has helped my girlfriend and I find the right foods that work for us and sort out a lot of health problems along the way. We’re losing weight but don’t need to starve ourselves or calorie count. Seriously, if you’re like me and have tried every diet or fad under the sun but never sought professional help (or maybe you have and it didn’t work), then I can attest that Sheena is worth putting your trust in.'

– J and A

'Best thing I've ever done!'

'Haven't felt so well in years!'

'My husband wants to kiss you!'

'This is the happiest I've ever been!'

'It's awesome, I can't believe it!'

'My cardiologist wants your number!'

'Nothing tastes as good as this feels!'

'I have never felt better in my life!'

'My husband wants to thank you for giving him back his bride!'

‘I feel like a million dollars... ecstatic, happy, high, magical, alive, me again!'


 I have helped my clients lose 11,540 kilos!


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